The QAnon "Conspiracy" & The Quest For Truth

Question: How can Q be a conspiracy theory if it encourages you to think for yourself?


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Few are willing to publicly support Q because they fear being labeled a kook. Isn't that the essence of normalization? That's why we need to embrace weirdness. Dare to think different. Download my Free Guide Now!

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People who are interested in "Q" are truth seekers, and they know something has been amiss for a long time. They're tired of being lied to by the corrupt political elite and the media companies. I understand. My name is Les Proctor and I am a "RealAnon". I am a real live flesh & blood human being, just a regular guy who is a truth seeker myself. I am here to be your guide to help you see if "Q" is right for you. Many real people are as yet unwilling to publicly support "Q" yet for fear being labeled a kook. Isn't that the essence of normalization? That's why we need to embrace our inner weirdness. Dare to think different. I will not tell you what to think. I will tell you my story, share a few of the things I've learned, and show you a few things to get you started so you can decide for yourself.

What Would You Like To Accomplish?

Sounds crazy, but follow me, and I will show you how you can tap into the power of the universe inside you, so you can be whoever you really want to be, and do whatever it is you want to do.

What do you need help with? I will show you how you can use QAnon to: (1) Set goals (2) Unleash your potential (3)  Change your habits (4) Increase your productivity and stop procrastinating (5) Organize and prioritize your day (6) Improve your relationships through acceptance and compassion (7) Learning how to be more grateful (8) Change your approach to life (9) Get over the past and embrace the future (10) Get more done in less time (11) Take responsibility for everything that happens to you (12) Make more money online (13) Find your purpose in life (14) Make peace with yourself (15) Replace negative thoughts with positive ones (16) Learn how to avoid distractions and focus on what’s really important (17) Deal with anger and anxiety (18) Cure depression (19) Live a healthy lifestyle (20) Do what you love for a living (21) Create more freedom in your business and in life (22) Implement morning and evening rituals for maximum productivity and success (23) Learn how to stay consistent (24) Get motivated to change (24) Find motivation (25) Become emotionally independent (26) Turn your life around with one small action every day (27) Learn the characteristics of happy people and how to become one (28) Build self-esteem and become supremely confident (29) manage your time better (30) Unleash your creative genius (31) Make wiser choices (32) Make plans and create strategies for anything and everything (33) Become more purposeful (34) Leave a great legacy (35) Find inspiration in every day life (36) Learn how to simplify everything (37) Deal with rejection (38) Get better at managing your money (39) Practice more self-control (40) Increasing your willpower (41) Improve your memory (42) Learn to handle stress more effectively (42) Learn to say "no" (44) Start a blog (45) overcome shyness (46) Stop being lazy and learn to take action (47) Grow spiritually (48) Learn how to forgive and love unconditionally (49) Deal with grief, and (50) Fixing your relationships. Sounds crazy, but I will show you how to do all this and more!

I support transparency in Government and Media

Stand For Truth And Justice - Defend Julian Assange Against Smear Campaigns

Good hearted people around the world who support transparency and truth in government can now make a difference

Steve McMaster and The Courage Foundation will donate $5 for every person who posts a picture on March 10 showing street- level action support in a different city across the globe. You can also make donations directly to The Courage Foundations's GoFundMe page. The goal is to raise $500,000 for the Julian Assange & WikiLeaks Public Defense Fund.

Julian Assange's safety is in serious jeopardy. He is now threatened with imminent arrest and extradition from the United Kingdom to the United States where he faces life in prison. He and his campaign team urgently need your help. Elements in the US government are aggressively pressuring Ecuador to withdraw his asylum status - the time for action is now!

Since 2010 the US government has pursued a secret Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks and the US government has already charged Assange in a sealed indictment. These charges are an attack on freedom of speech and the right to publish. If Assange is to be persecuted for publishing truthful information, then other news organizations and even individuals could be next.

Publishing is not a crime – it is a fundamental constitutional right. The bringing of criminal charges against Julian Assange for publishing is an extremely dangerous path for a democracy to take.

Help defend Julian #Assange from smear campaigns that threaten his chances for freedom! More details at Defend Assange Campaign. Photos of street-level action can be posted on Twitter at @Unity4J.

#Unity4J ACTION ⌛️ @Unity4J #Unity4J


Julian stood up for us, Now let us stand up for him.

Please consider a donation directly to the "Defend Assange Campaign" on GoFundMe